Probably the least serious England blog ever haha I'm English and yoloing my way through life tbh yeah and this is a multiship blog n stuff

I do care about his well being and I would comfort him but you see, I also care about Quinn’s well being and also want to comfort him too. I may seem like a douche 98% of the time but I do care about my friends and family. Seeing as I did sleep with Francis, it wouldn’t be the best idea to get in between this whole dispute - I’ve done enough as it is. 

I will help out either of them if they asked but as things stand, they’re just going to have to stop being pissy babies and work it out themselves. 

Call me when I’m needed thanks

ask-2p-nyo-deutschland inquired: This scene won't play! You won't say you're in love~!



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Anonymous inquired: Wait I'm getting really confused here, I thought you and Alfred were going to get married or something and now your fricking Francis and saying that you like him? Are you cheating on Alfred or did I miss the break up or some shit?


Anonymous inquired: How many fingers am I holding up?


ask-aph-france inquired: Why is Scotland serenading you with Disney songs

ask—scotland replied to your post:

Give up, give in. Check the grin you’re in love.